When 3D sublimes medicine

For several months, we have been pleased to collaborate with the QUANTEL MEDICAL brand, a subsidiary of the Quantel Group, specializing in lasers for medical, scientific and industrial applications.

The Quantel Group exists since the 1970s and is present in more than 110 countries. Technologies and lasers developed by Quantel even went as far as March, via the Rover Curiosity.

For our part, we remain on Earth and work with Quantel’s medical subsidiary, which develops products primarily for the ophthalmological market : detection and treatment of different eye pathologies

For the needs of new launches, and faced with the constraint prototypes, we work mainly in 3D and graphic animation, to recompose products, texture them, make them evolve in a given environment, then work on a graphic concept to describe all the customer and user benefits, and a sound and musical atmosphere.

Below two examples, with Vitra 2 (new generation laser for ophthalmological treatment) and Compact Touch (Tactile Ophthalmological Echography), for 100% managed projects at Riot House.

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