“Co-Laboratoire” tattoo

In April 2016, Olivier Poinsignon (tattoo artist from Clermont-Ferrand) invited the artist Andro Gynette to share a crazy project with him: to tattoo three different persons and three different stories.

After a video announcement, three people have been selected according to their personal history and not for the aesthetical side of their project: the tattoo had to tell or exorcise a part of who they are.

These three selected people have then been gathered in a house with two creatives for a whole week of four-handed tattoo experience. Olivier’s idea? Merge styles between his graphic approach and Andro Gynette’s quirky lettering.

The video highlights the tattooed person as the “raw material”. The imagined artwork pieces are strong and powerful and pushed the tattoo artists to produce a three-part video that illustrates each project properly.


« Sourire » = a rush of optimism, a light in the dark. (tatouée en aveugle)

« L’hommemiscient » = an eternal fight between objectivity and subjectivity, raconter- rater – con (tatoué en aveugle)

« coup de ciseaux » = l’a-typique qui sort du cadre

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