bourbonnais, bourbonnaise: refers to a person that is worth knowing ”

Allier, the departement

Client Département Allier

“The Allier suffers from a lack of notoriety. However, this territory has many attractions: quality of life, beauty of natural spaces, rich cultural heritage, great tourist sites, multitude of leisure activities and outdoor activities, gastronomy.”

It was with these first words that we were briefed on this production, which was to be both a flagship of the department towards the outside, and a film that made its inhabitants proud.


The Allier, everyone knows, without really knowing. Everyone goes through it, without really stopping…

A selection work had first to be done with the department, between essential places, craftsmen and know-how specific to the department, or natural sites that mark this beautiful and little-known territory.

The shooting then took place over several weeks and seasons, according to the schedules of the teams and various extras.


Finally, a whole musical composition work was done by Hugo Colzi (EDN Prod), then Sound Design by Guillaume Ruin (Spectral Prod), giving this film all its substance and underlining even more the dynamic and lively side that we wanted to give to the Allier. Before finishing with the editing and colorimetry, done by Florian Martiny.


The starting point: to stage the jewels of the department through its inhabitants, to make this country alive and help it restore its royal coat of arms; to work on a very lively and dynamic filming and editing, and to use the format mix to further accentuate the life that blows in the Allier.

Thanks to nearly 70 extras and a lot of production work over nearly 6 months, we are proud to have been able to support the Allier department in redesigning its image, and we hope to inspire the curious to discover this beautiful part of France!