France is Auvergne with something around it ”

From Home

Client Auvergne Tourisme

At Riot House, we are at the same time very attached to the tourism subject (remember the world contest we won in 2015 about a film on Dominica Island) and great lovers and ambassadors of our French home-region, the Auvergne (see a personal movie on the Sancy Mountains here).

Between 2016 and 2017, we had the chance to be chosen to produce a video serie for Auvergne Tourisme. About 30 clips on different nature / outdoor / tourism topics, shot throughout the year in our beautiful region, to promote activities and destinations, both summer and winter.

Our desire was to work on close-ups, get interested in the mater that makes up the region, as well as in panoramas, aerial shots made with a drone, and of course the human and authentic side of the inhabitants that should stand out among all that.

Reflecting the sweetness and quality of life that emanates from this territory as well as the beauty that make Auvergne a region apart was something very important to us.

We are proud to end this great adventure with our Director’s Cut!