it was so interesting ”

Happy New Year 2016

Client Riot House Production

At Riot House, when we have enough time, we like to express our best wishes for the New Year in an original way.
For 2016, we decided to turn back time by reproducing what the Riot may have been in the 70s/80s.
This film is a humble tribute to the French humoristic Canal +’s series “Message à Caractère Informatif”, and to some other TV series that have rocked our younger days!…

So we looked for vintage clothes, we racked our brains, searched into our memories and asked our parents to dig their old things out from the attic. Then, on a Monday morning, everyone was ready to transform oneself with its own costume & hairstyle.
We wish you all the best for the year to come, may it be happy, creative, and full of surprises!