I am born of salt and sand ”

i am dominica

Client Ministry of Tourism, Commonwealth of Dominica


We had the chance to be part of this incredible journey and wonderful social experience. Finalists of the “Dominica Film Challenge“, we went for a whole week on the small island of Dominica, located in the Caribbean (between Guadeloupe and Martinique). Without any particular rules or constraints, the main purpose of the contest was to show the island from a different point of view, through the cameras and lenses of 12 lucky creative people from all over the world.


We went there to shoot at the end of February and despite a dry season forecast, we had to deal with adverse weather conditions (rain, wind …a typical tropical volcanic island!).
Important baggage delays forced us to start filming with a Canon 5d mk III in raw mode (shooting initially planned with the RED).

However, we finished with our Red Epic and some aerial footage shot with our DJI Phantom II and GoPro Hero 4. The basic technical principle in this film is the change of location through rotating transitions.