Be part of an adventure ! ”

Live in Asia

Client Monbento


Monbento is a booming SMB operating on the nomad catering market and which is present in more than 60 countries. For the opening of their second subsidiary in Asia, the brand invited us to participate to its promotional tour in order to make a video about this entrepreneurial bustle. Frédéric Coursol, starred chef and brand’s historical collaborator, was also present to communicate about gastronomy and about the book we worked on together.


The flight constrained us to carry very little material (Canon 5D mkIII/ 6D). But it was not a problem because the brand let us great freedom regarding the final result. We also rented some equipment on site (FS 700 and lenses) in order to gain in reactivity and to multiply possibilities. We mainly shot with the 5D mkIII in raw mode. This mode allows to record much more information, to have more possibilities regarding post-production and above all, it allows colours editing. As a result: a lifestyle video full of hues and sounds that directly immerses us in two of the major Southeast Asia cities.