Full Metal Project ”

Luxury furnitures

Client Tred Art


The two associates of the Tred Art company (founded in 2010), met during a metalwork training programme. After graduating with a degree in aeronautics and welding, they wanted to create their own company with the objective to shake things up a little. So they used their knowledge in a different way in order to create metal furniture. Combining different materials and working on modern designs with atypical shapes, they now stand out in France and abroad for the quality and finish of their product.


Mandated by the local Agency for territories development in Auvergne to make a video about their company, we went to the design studios to make a video presenting their philosophy and the whole creative process from the raw material to the final product. An original way to highlight the precision of their work. We used different techniques such as slow motion, close-ups, light effects and dynamic post-production editing.