A short movie about passion ”


Client Riot House Production


Personal projects occupy an important place at Riot House because we think it is the best way to stay creative. It allows us to experiment new techniques we can then apply to professional projects. Adrien Bessac, one of the co-founders of Riot House and specialist in filming and editing, is also passionate about skiing and outdoors activities in general. Growing up in Mont Dore in a mountain environment surely helped a little bit…

Always driven by the desire to show his region in its best light, he followed the preparation teams of the Sancy ski resort (ski patrollers, snow groomers, avalanche blasters,).


We filmed during the winter 2013-2014, enjoying the generous snow cover and a few days of beautiful weather. This film is our first production shot in “RAW” mode with a Canon 5d Mk III. This mode allows to obtain very precise, sharp and colour-editable photography. We also paid attention to shooting techniques: we used several Time-lapses thanks to a motorized travelling, in conditions sometimes close to mountaineering.

Many hours of video recording for a result of a few seconds (sometimes unusable due to changing weather conditions or hardware problems).

As a result: a fresh and visually pleasing short film that should make you want to hit the slopes in the heart of our beautiful mountain.