picture decided to make a jurassic park parody! ”

Terror Raptor

Client Picture organic clothing

Twice a year, we produce summer and winter catalogues of the brand Picture Organic Clothing.

Every time, the creative team racks their brains to find an original theme that will represent the collection. For summer 2016, as a nod to the news, Picture decided to produce a Jurassic Park parody! Our scenery for the occasion: the Vulcania Park in Auvergne, a theme park on volcanism.

A whole technical team was present on the shooting site: Director, DOP, Gaffers, Sound engineer, Make Up Artist… We almost shot the whole video with the Red Epic except the making-of with the Blackmagic 2,5 k…

For this catalogue, we worked on several sceneries and we now make all the catalogues’ shoots with the Phase One IQ 180 and Hassleblad combo.

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