I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes ! ”

We wish you a crazy Christmas and a Riot New Year 2018 !

Client Riot House Production

Two years after our seventies wishes, we decided to go back in the nineties with the whole family!

Everybody was there: the auntie and uncle who drink a bit too much, the grandma who constantly loses her dentures, the granddaddy who doesn’t get anything, the dreadful grandchildren, the perverse uncle, or the perfect son who succeeded and pissed off the rest of the family… and a little too angry Santa Claus who decided to ruin the party!

Shot in one day in our offices (especially decorated for the occasion), these wishes are once again an opportunity for the whole team to wish our clients / partners / friends and family all the best for the coming year: surprises, creativity, laughs… and health <3 !