Silence is not the Absence of Sound

Winter composition on a Solillaquists Of Sound’s spoken words.

“Silence is not the absence of sound, but presence of one choosing not to listen.
It is the listener and only the listener that has the power to revive a dormant sound and disrupt this illusion of silence.
Times appear to be dark, it seems just as a ray of hope begins to illuminate what lies in the shadows, something comes along and extinguishes it. And while these powerful voices are being silenced.
Those that remain continue to take on a villainous tone as they are met with more and more impassive ears.
There seems to be no more light and no more heroes.
If we as listeners become less reflective and don’t provide feedback to what we hear, we create an environment where sound can’t live on, a deadened space, an anechoic chamber that keeps us isolated as we spiral deeper into silence.
However if we continue to listen, it is in this isolation that we may find the emergence of another heroic voice and as other sounds fade, we must begin to realize that the real heroes only die when we stop listening to them.”

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